Internal information system

Internal Information System - Reporting channel

The Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire Foundation has an Internal Information System that allows reporting in the work or professional context, under the protection of the law, any irregularity that may constitute a serious or very serious criminal or administrative offence.

The following people will be able to use this Internal Information System:

  • Employees and members of the Board of Trustees.
  • The self-employed
  • Anyone working for or under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Those who communicate information about violations obtained within the framework of an employment or statutory relationship that has already ended.
  • Volunteers, interns and workers in training periods.
  • Those persons whose employment relationship has not yet begun in cases where information on violations has been obtained during the selection process.

To use the Internal Information System, go to the following link:

The Policy of the Internal Information System which regulates the rights and guarantees that assist informants.

The Internal Information system is not an emergency service. Complaints submitted through this channel will not receive an immediate response.

In the event that you want to make a claim about the service, the Internal Information System is not the official channel for submitting claims.

Sports Club

Sport for people with physical disabillities

The Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire Sports Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice of adapted sports for people with severe physical disabilities. The purpose of the Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire Sports Club is to offer the highest quality of life to its members by means of playing sport. The Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire Sports Club was established in November 1996, and is registered in the Register of Sports Entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Currently the Club is made up of athletes affected with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities, supported by volunteers specially trained in these adapted sport activities and assisting athletes. Our Club is a member of the Assembly of the Spanish Sports Federation for Cerebral Palsy and a member of the Catalan Sports Association for Cerebral Palsy.

Criteria for sport for people with physical disabilities

The purpose pursued with sports activity for people with physical disabilities is the same as that which can be sought in general. That is, physical maintenance and development, psychological maturation and socialization of the person.

We believe that sport in the physical disabilities field is a valuable rehabilitative and integrating instrument. It allows affected people who practice it to have better physical development, creates criteria for overcoming situations of daily life and promotes attitudes that facilitate the social normalisation of people with physical disabilities Our intention is to give the athlete the possibility of enhancing their physical abilities, thus contributing to the prevention of loss of functionality, to the improvement of their health and their quality of life.

The practice of sports occupies a part in people`s social life. The preparation of the event, the expectations of success or failure, the interaction with colleagues, family members and other groups that participate in the activity stimulate communication and contribute to personal development.

On the other hand, sports activities are another way of raising awareness. They also give athletes the chance to prove their competence in spite of their limitations by completing sporting challenges.

Sport does not necessarily have to be competitive, simply playing sports for fun improves health, personal growth and quality of life.

The adapted sports for athletes with physical disabilities that are played at the Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire Sports Club are: BOWLING and SLAOM, in addition to the promotion of leisure sports activities.

Day centres

These are day care services for people with physical disabilities where activities aimed at the user are carried out which, with their direct participation aim at a structural rehabilitation of the person and an improvement in the relationship with their civic environment. Residents have a physiotherapy room, manual, cultural and leisure activities to promote their integration into the community.
Our functions are both personal and social adjustment, as well as therapeutic activity.

What we offer


Our centres are small residential centres, with limited places. This is in order to encourage coexistence and to help the residents perceive the residences as their own home. We want to be a reference in care service, applying the model of comprehensive care centred on people. Because for us our residents have always been the centre of our service and our reason for being; The most important thing for our team is, from an ethical standpoint, to respect the will and autonomy of the people we serve, maximizing their personal skills.


We work to improve the quality of life of the people who live with us and we accompany them in their life projects.


The Foundation also has some housing – apartments – with complementary professional services and help for people with physical disabilities, to help them develop an independent life. These Independent Coexistence Modules (MICs), centrally located in the city of Barcelona, Vía Augusta nº 269-273, are designed for physically dependent people who, alone or with their family, aspire to a high degree of independence and social and professional integration.

Ethical Work

The Foundation has an ERE (Space for Ethical Reflection), which is a consultative, interdisciplinary and plural space, and has the purpose of being an area for analysis, training and advice on ethical issues that arise in the day to day basis. This space is at the disposition of the Foundation’s entire community (residents/persons served, family members, workers, volunteers and members of the board of trustees).


Among its objectives are reviewing the Foundation’s guidelines from an ethical perspective and/or creating new ones for the improvement of care. In the same way, it aims to improve the quality of care for people who reside or are users of services in the different care homes available to the Foundation, through the promotion of ethical values and good attitudes in the care of said persons.

How you can access our services

Access to our centres must take place in accordance with the criteria established in the current social services legislation and it is the respective care services for people of the Territorial Services of the Department of Social Rights or the Consortium of Social Services of Barcelona that, once the personal needs have been assessed must guide the referral of the person to the appropriate resource.

Access to services for people with disabilities is made through the care system for people with disabilities (SAD), from which a resolution is sent communicating access to both the user and to centre they should attend.

In addition to this, the corresponding resolution must also be issued within the framework of Law 39/2006, of December 14, on the promotion of personal autonomy and care for people in a situation of dependency.


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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Identification of the person responsible

The identification of the person in charge of the processing of the data is LLES DE L’AMISTAT CHESHIRE, PRIVATE FOUNDATION, hereinafter “THE HOUSES OF THE FRIENDSHIP”. Identification and contact information can be found in the legal notice of the web page.

Use and purpose of the data obtained

The information that can be sent to us through the different forms and emails that appear on our website are for:

  • “Contact” Form: Respond to the queries and provide information requested by the interested party.
  • Form “Work with us”: participate in the selection processes of LLARS DE L’AMISTAT, as well as that LLARS DE AMISTAT can communicate with the interested party to offer a job.

The data that we request is the appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purposes specified above, and in no case is obliged to provide them. The mandatory response information is specified in the form itself by means of (*), and its refusal to provide them will imply not being able to handle your request. Likewise, it assures us that all the data provided are true, truthful and pertinent for the purpose for which we request them. The sending of the data implies express authorization to be incorporated into our corresponding treatments, as long as LUNS DE LA AMISTAD considers it convenient for the management of the request you request.

We inform you that your data will only be ceded in the cases legally established or for questions necessary for the management of the petition.

It is important for us to keep your personal information up to date, inform us whenever there is any change in them. Otherwise, we are not responsible for its veracity. We believe that if you do not cancel your personal data expressly from our files, you continue to be interested in joining them until the Responsible considers it appropriate and while it is appropriate for the purpose for which they were obtained.

Conservation of data

The personal data provided will be preserved, in the case of the consultations and requests until the interested party has been answered. In the case of selection processes, 1 year will be preserved.

Rights of the interested parties

Those interested have the right to:

  • Obtain confirmation as to whether the Person in charge is treating the personal data that concern them, or not.
  • Access your personal data, as well as request the rectification of the inaccurate data or, if applicable, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes that go be picked up
  • In certain circumstances, the interested parties may request the limitation of the treatment of their data, in which case only the Responsible will keep them for the exercise or defense of claims.
  • In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, the interested parties may object to the processing of their data.

The interested party may exercise their rights by writing addressed to LLARS DE L’AMISTAT, Benedetti Street, no. 60-62, 08017 Barcelona, ​​reference “Data Protection” or by email at the following address, reference “Data Protection”. Accompanying the application with a copy of the DNI or any other identifying document.



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