The residences are centres that we call “llars” (homes) to emphasize the spirit of the Foundation: that the residents feel that it is their “home”. They are centres with a 24-hour comprehensive care service, where we offer our residents all the necessary care so that they can live with maximum independence in a comfortable environment.

Our objectives

To give quality of life to people by offering them a space adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities, help in their daily life to enhance their autonomy and support in the tasks for which they need more help. We also attend to individual rehabilitation and therapeutic needs.

Finally, we want it to be a real home for all residents; we want to be part of their closest circle of friends and family.

We focus on residents

  • We promote their participation in their environment and their cultural education.
  • We carry out activities to maintain and improve their personal autonomy and independent living.
  • We provide our support to carry out their private and leisure activities.
  • We promote the maintenance of their family relationships.
  • We take their wishes into account.

Our services

– Our philosophy of service is to offer care centred on the individual person, in small residential centres and to encourage coexistence and participation in the centre’s activities.

  • Personal and continuous attention 24 hours a day, board and lodging.
  • Basic services for activities of daily living and promotion of personal autonomy.
  • Medical and psychiatric support care.
  • Social assistance service.
  • Physiotherapy service.
  • Leisure, cultural and occupational therapy activities. Day care centre services at certain centres.
  • Coexistence and promotion of interpersonal and social relationships.
  • Medical and psychiatric support care.